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Nicki’s Pregnant?!

Have Several Seats: ATBIMS

Everybody take a breath and CALM DOWN!

Social media had a straight conniption fit when Nicki Minaj posted a photo of herself “with child” on Instagram. She posted this pic on Instagram with the caption, “ATBIMS. Y’all so childish Omg – I was gonna wait to share the news but…

If you’re a real Nicki fan, you know that ATBIMS is her acronym for “all these b*tches is my sons”, her infamous quote.

The photo came just days after Beyoncé announced her pregnancy with twins.  According to some, it could be perceived as being shady. On the other hand, supposedly the photo is in response to some nonsense rumor about her pregnancy that Meek started.

In other words, the photo is completely FAKE!

Is she trying to one-up Beyonce or does she and Meek need to have several seats?

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