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50 Cent Wins $14.5 million Lawsuit!

50 Cent Wins $14.5 million Lawsuit!

Looks like part of 50 Cent’s legal troubles are over.

Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson just won $14.5 in a lawsuit against his former attorneys. He originally went after them for a whopping $75 million, but had to settle for much less.

50 Cent’s malpractice lawsuit was from a result of bad representation against Sleek Audio.  In other words, he felt that the reason why he lost in his suit with Sleek Audio was because his attorney’s did a mediocre job. The only thing is…. 50 Cent won’t see a dime because it’s all going to pay toward his bankruptcy.

As far as the money for the creditor goes, that’s 14.5 million down and $23 million to go.

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