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Coolio Skips Court!

Coolio Skips Court!

Artis Leon Ivey Jr, better known as “Coolio”, was a no-show in court today for a Felony gun charge… “Aw Here It Goes”.

The Oakland rapper was charged after LAX’s TSA found a loaded gun in his bag back in September.

One of his boys tried to take the heat for him, but they couldn’t slip that story through.

Fast forward to October 13th (court day)… and he was a no show! DOH! *in our Homer voice*

Coolio’s lawyer told the judge that he couldn’t make it back in time from a concert, so now he has to show up on the 26th or it’s curtains for him.

The judge agreed to cut him some slack if he showed up to court. If not, he could be spending three years in Gangster’s Paradise.

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