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‘Mo Money, ‘Mo Problems!

‘Mo Money, ‘Mo Problems!

Uncle Sam” seems to be coming after all of his nieces and nephews nowadays.

He’s like one of those uncles that you hope never shows up to the family BBQ, but yet, he still finds his way to the gathering.. no matter how much you try to deter him.

Recently, Nelly was visited by Uncle Sam and hit with a $2.4 million tax lien, but over the years, Uncle Sam has shown up to other celebrities’ houses as well…

Take a look at celebrities who, I bet, wishes that Uncle Sam would just go ahead and retire and pick up another hobby:

Iggy Azalea $400,000 tax lien (2016) | Tyga Owed $19,124.98 for unpaid taxes (2009-11) | Teresa & Joe Giudice Indicted with fraud and failure to file tax returns 04-08 | Lindsay Lohan Owed from 2009-11. IRS seized all of her bank accounts to pay debts in 2012 | Christie Brinkley $500,000 tax lien | Lil Wayne $12 million tax lien. Owed from 2011-12 | Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino He and his brother Marc indicted for filing false tax returns 2010-12 (2014) | Lil Kim Owed $1 million tax lien (2009) | Nicholas Cage $14 million. Paid back $6 million and pays via foreclosing several properties | Courtney Love $319,749 tax lien (2014) | Marc Anthony $3.4 million. Failed to pay 2000-04. Claimed he didn’t know accountant didn’t file | Wesley Snipes Imprisoned for tax evasion in 2008. Didn’t file from 1999-01 | Martha Stewart $220,000 tax lien. Jailed in 2004 | Mary J. Blige $3.4 million IRS tax lien (2013) Owed $900,000 to state of New Jersey (2014 Paid in full) | Kelly Osbourne Owed $34,763.30 back taxes to California (2011) | Pamela Anderson $370,000 tax lien for California (2012)

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