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Montel Williams Exposes Bill O’Reilly

“Montel Williams Exposes Bill O’Reilly

In The Most Classic Way Possible!”

One thing that you’re NOT going to do is diss Montel Williams and get away with it.

Montel was invited to the Bill O’Reilly Show to speak about Williams’ LGBT speech and debunking a poll suggesting that President Obama was a racist. When he got there, O’Reilly pulled the ultimate “sucka move” and flipped the script. He had someone pretty much tell Montel that the interview was going to solely focus on a claim that Obama was racist. So what did Montell do? He turned down the interview and started to exit the building. “I walked before air, they chased me halfway around the building. My detail had to stop them. I’m solely focused on my [LGBT] speech… When that was eliminated, why stay?” he told CNN.

O’Reilly then went on a rant about how Montel was a coward and unprofessional, “He will never be on this program again… he’s not a man of his word, he’s unprofessional. This is about as low as it gets.” O’Reilly had to later eat his words after text messages surfaced proving O’Reilly’s dishonesty. Then Montel responded on Twitter giving O’Reilly “15 minute to tell the truth voluntarily.” When O’Reilly didn’t, Montel responded with the ULTIMATE clap back!

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