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DJ Hardwerk Lights Up Africa w/Shell & Akon

DJ Hardwerk Talks Shell’s #MakeTheFuture,
The Lighting Africa Initiative w/Akon

& Smash Hit Summer Single!

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine coming home to a power outage in your area. What’s the first thing that crosses your mind? You may feel a sense of vulnerability, agitation, uneasiness or even mental anguish. An hour later, your power company arrives at your street and manages to restore your power. You may get an apology from the power company for experiencing the interruption and reassurance that they’d work to improve the service so that it doesn’t happen again. Now that it’s restored, how do you feel? You may feel a sense of relief and security in the fact that you can now carry on with your daily routine.

Now, close your eyes for a moment and imagine that you experience a power outage, except this time, there is no restoration, nor an apology to coincide with the interruption and you’re forced to live that way 24 hours a day/365 days a year for years on end. Now how do you feel?

Sadly, this is a reality for billions of people around the world. Electricity holds a paramount key to how we work, play and operate in our daily lives. The energy crisis continues to cripple many nations in the world today – especially Africa. Africa is home to some of the most magnificent cities, wildlife and resources known to man. Yet, many countries in Africa lack the very thing that helps people thrive.

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