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‘Breakfast At Tiffany’s’ ​Star Did It: Finding the Perfect LBD

If we have learned anything from films, especially Breakfast At Tiffany’s​, it’s the importance of the LBD, little black dress. The LBD is classic, timeless, and perfect for most any occasions. It can be dressed up and it can be dressed down. Most importantly, black is a great and slimming color and everyone can get away with wearing an LDB.

Focus on the Good Stuff

You have a great neck, your arms are strong as anything, your legs go for days…the list can go on. Focus on everything that you like and go from there. Accentuate the best parts and hide the parts that you’re not so confident about. If you have great legs, opt to show them. If you love your long neck, accentuate it with a deep cute. Hate your arms, choose a sleeve or cut that leaves you feeling happy and more importantly, confident.

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