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It Was All About ​Contouring ​But What About ​Strobing​?​

For the longest time, it was all about contouring; with everything from YouTube videos to mastering the perfect look in 4 easy steps. Contouring is all about giving shape to specific areas of the face while enhancing facial structure.

The pros and cons of contouring go both ways. When the technique is used correctly, it can make the face look natural with definition in the cheekbones and forehead. But if contour is done wrong, then it could come out looking like a tanning disaster.

The right colors are needed to get the look. These colors should match the skin at certain times of the year. Choose for darker tones in the summer and lighter tones in the winter that match the changing complexion. Don’t contour with a bronzer, unless skin is tan and splurge on getting the correct brushes. The brushes will make all the difference and can be used to blend together colors to achieve a natural look.

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