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Paris Fashion Week 2015

Every year, the Internet breaks with photos of fashion from around the world. Starting in New York and making it’s way around the globe, Fashion Week is a worldwide event.

This year’s Paris Fashion Week was anything but chic. From Chanel’s runway through the airport to Galliano’s ribbon adorned dress, it was all Parisian. Think soft blends, pastel matching tops and bottoms, and a hint of 70’s flair through an airport. But Paris Fashion Week didn’t stop there. From vibrant patterns to sheer tops seen at Stella McCartney, you would expect nothing less from the fashion capital of the world. Unlike New York, the Parisian catwalks are held in elegantly, adorned rooms that scream elegance and class.

Balenciaga focused on street wear lingerie, nostalgic floral frocks and the seasons must have lace slipper

Céline’s models were dressed in plaid and prints that was everything from retro to slight gothic. Perfect for the upcoming months.

Christian Dior like, Galliano dressed his models in white. Very summer appropriate with scalloped shorts. Crisp and clean. As the show progressed, so did the fashion from parkas to embroidered jackets.

Can’t wait to see what next year has in store.

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