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POP Culture Innovator Cynamin Jones | ePOP Newz’s First #WCW

The Reveal Agency‘s boss babe Cynamin Jones is not only an entrepreneur and philanthropist but, one of hip hop’s most prolific brand curator. She is ePOP Newz’s first #wcw and we are excited to highlight her many accomplishments as a leading POP culture innovator to date!

ePOP: What inspired you to start women who cultivators?
Cynamin Jones: What inspired me to create women cultivators is encountering young females looking for guidance in the PR marketing field. They’ve approached me from all angles to mentor them so, instead of excluding anyone I created an organization where other professionals would have the opportunity to guide these young ladies on their mission to entrepreneurship.

ePOP: You’ve been in the forefront of hip hop for years and have shaped some of hip hops greatest artists. Tell me some of the groundbreaking campaigns and for whom?
Cynamin Jones: Thank you so much. Yes, I’m responsible for branding Wu Wear globally. One of the groundbreaking campaigns was actually taking a merchandizing brand and curating to appeal to the masses and being respected by the media to cover. My approach has led Wu Wear to being a part of hip hop history as a part of the Roots, Rhymes and Rags at the Brooklyn Museum. In addition, I pitched a story idea to Eric Smith of Black Enterprise which would later become, “Hip Hop Preneurs,” and after six months, Mr. Smith contacted me to let me know the story was green lighted. In 2010, I brokered a deal between platinum producer,

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