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Marsala for Fall 2015

It’s no surprise that Marsala was voted as the Pantone color of 2015. Its rich and vibrant hues are perfect for any one to wear, especially when it comes to beauty products across the spectrum.

To introduce this color into your life this season, start with lip color. From NARs to MAC to OCC cosmetics and DKM cosmetics, take your time searching for the perfect pigment and finish. Ask around for some fan favorites to get some ideas. Don’t dive right into the closest color you can find. Search it out, try it out, and get some feedback. Go for the color that closely compliments your complexion and one that makes you feel confident while wearing. For this fall, go for matte instead of gloss. It’s elegant, chic, and can pull together any outfit from day to night.

If you’re not as interested in lip colors, try adding Marsala to your smoky eye. Opt for darker browns over black and silvers and use the color as a statement in the corner of your eye. Keep it casual during the day and drastic at night. If you’re feeling devious, try to match the eye color with the lip or a subtle blush (noted below). If you’re looking for a more neutral look, lighten up on the red and the browns to give a subtle look of color.

Lastly, go for the bronze, or in this case, the blush. A little blush can go a long way, especially when it’s used to highlight the key areas of the face. Like any vibrant red hue, start light and make your way up. Don’t go too dark, but strive for a color that compliments the cheekbones. If you’re looking for tips on how to use blush, head to your favorite makeup counter or Pinterest, to find some inspiration.

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