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The End is Just the Beginning: The Universe Conspires for Your Benefit!

It’s no secret that everything must come to an end. Relationships, jobs, songs, our lives, fingernails – nothing is excluded. But endings aren’t the end of the story.  Endings actually mark the beginning of what’s in-store for us next. Think about it.  Waking up in the morning marks the ending of a night’s rest. When your workday comes to a close, it marks the beginning of your after-work life. Summer’s end, marks the beginning of Fall.  We move through this constant ebb and flow effortlessly because all actions associated with these events are second nature. They don’t cost anything or cause us to do anything that’s uncomfortable. They are what they are and we accept the  But there are also endings we do pay for emotionally and cause infinite discomfort. These endings are what they are, but accepting them can seem far from natural.

Painful endings are the moments in our lives that change us.

They catch us completely off-guard and force us out of our comfort zone, into places of the unknown. They make us second-guess ourselves, our lives, and sometimes, even our reason for living. But these high-voltage moments aren’t exempt from our ability to transform them into fruitful gifts.

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