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Q & A w/Brazil’s Badass Goalie Eduardo Fernandes Alves

Major Brazilian soccer player Eduardo Alves is fierce and thinking of coming to play in the US. Hit the jump to hear Eduardo’s thoughts on the FIFA scandal and all things football.

ePOP: Where are you from in Brazil?
I’m from a town named Campinas, a city in the state of São Paulo. A beautiful city with about 1.5 million inhabitants.

ePOP: When did you first started playing soccer when?
I started football schools in Campinas, São Paulo at the age of 7 and never stopped.

ePOP: Which Soccer club do you belong time?
The seasons will send soon, so Batatais Futebol Clube, which played for series A2 in the Paulista Championship.

ePOP: The previous soccer clubs that you’ve played were?
Guarani F.C., A.A. Ponte Preta, Sertãozinho, Bragantino, Vitória da Conquista, Princesa dos Simões and Peñarol. I also had an international career playing for Vinakansay in Vietnam and Feldrenach in German.

ePOP: How many languages do you speak?
I speak Portuguese, a little bit of Spanish and very little English.

ePOP: Which players inspire you?
I have some people that inspires me such as Romário, Ronaldo and Ronaldinho Gaúcho. When it comes to other goalkeepers, I can say Taffarel and Rogério Ceni. I also have a great admiration for Tim Howard from a US national team.

ePOP: Did you have anyone in particular who’ve guided your career?
Yes. I had a few coaches that have guided me, but the special one is Vaguinho who now works with the Brazilian national women’s football. He helped me a lot.

ePOP: What do you do to prep before a game?
Besides training hard during the week, I like to focus, keep a healthy diet and a few hours prior to the game, I imagine all of the possible situations that could occur while I’m playing so that I can plan how to avoid them before it happens. Also there’s something that I can’t do without, music. Usually rap, Racionais MC‘s is a band that I love from Brazil. I also like hip hop’s Snoop Dogg, and Eminem. I feel ready for the war when I hear these kind of songs.

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