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Independence Hosts Ringside Boxing Championship

Amateur boxing held its annual tournament, Ringside Championship at Independence Event Center near Kansas City, Missouri.  This week long event gives up and coming Olympic hopefuls and professional prospects, the opportunity to display their skills and win a champion belt in several weight classes.  Boxing officials like Alex Geraldino travel from all over the United States to donate their time and officiate at this event.  Judge Geraldino says, “This is a great opportunity to meet young, talented kids and young adults who may be the next big boxing champ. These boxers are from all of the country and has been training for quite some time so that they can come to this very tournament, to showcase their skills, hopefully win a belt so that they can move on to the Olympic team and or a professional boxing career. This is the place to be if you want to go to the next level in boxing. This is where champions are made.”  Philadelphian, Shamar Banks won in his weight class of men ages 19-40 at 133-141 pounds.  This was his first time at Ringside Championship and was elated. Banks proclaimed, “This tournament was the best experience ever!”  Renown boxing clubs like; RNE Boxing Club, Floyd Mayweather’s TMT, Los Lobos Boxing Gym and others send their most talented to win fights.

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