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ECO-friendly Back 2 School Ideas

Happy September Parents! I know you’re happy that school has started and are more than ready for your kids to have a more stable weekday. Let’s focus on early childhood ages. If book bags, no#2 pencils and school clothes are a priority, these nutritional & eco-friendly tips that you may not have thought about and are superb ideas! Get ready to jot down some important information that you and your child will benefit from.

• Nutritional lunch! This is a must. Children need energy and a healthy meal for lunch will not only provide nourishment but energy and stamina. Your local super market has gluten free lunch meats, cheese and breads. Forget the bag of chips and replace it with an apple, grapes or figs for dessert. You may not be an advocate for counting calories so as long as the meals are healthy, your doing your child justice! If you can’t make it to the supermarket, you can grocery shop online!

• Plastic lunch boxes and water bottles can contain PVC, as well as the hormone disrupting chemical Bisphenol -A (BPA). BPA is widely used in polycarbonate water bottles, which can be identified by the recycle number ‘7’.  To-Go Ware and Planet Box are highly recommended by Moms Advocating Sustainability.

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